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Soon on Kickstarter!

It is decided – we are coming to Kickstarter in an effort to release the audiobook and deluxe hardcover editions of the THREE BOOKS, along with planned e-book and paperback editions! Get ready: (Subscribe to get notified first and secure yourself some exclusive early benefits.)

Apply for ARC!

What is ARC? An Advance Review Copy, or advance reader copy, is a complete book sent to potential reviewers before publication. The book is being given away for free to an exclusive group of interested readers in the hope that their honest reviews will generate even further interest in the book ahead of its release. If you are reading this, it means you have been offered an exclusive opportunity to sign up and get an… Read More

The Upcoming Darkness

I have been invited to check up the website, and I love it! Nearly all my wishes are fulfilled. It means that we are starting soon. Perhaps already next month? I have quite a few chapters set down, and the timing is right. I can feel it. Or is it that I sense that the time is dire? For the black horseman is drawing near – we should be ready when he arrives. Ah yes,… Read More

Live long and prosper

A day like any other. But on this day we are awakening something that was carefully planted a long ago, and grown for many years. Starting the site is but the first step of a new adventure. May our journey be long and prosperous!