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UPDATE: The Kickstarter  has now ended.

April 2024 Update: All promised audiobooks and hardcovers (Amazon) are now available.



Editorial Reviews

“I really enjoyed this novel! It is written in a folklore style, reminding me of the Grimm fairy tales, including the character sketches of old (at the start of every chapter and they are amazing!)… A refreshing fantasy, a classic take on a new story.” ―NetGalley Review

“I just really adored this tale.” ―Goodreads Early Review

“I enjoyed how Nikola Stefan incorporated folklore into the story and it made it very gripping, especially when mixed with the combat and the borderline horror elements thrown in. I now can’t wait to pick up Part II…” ―BookSirens Review

“Fast paced and kept me on the edge of my seat.” ―Amazon Review

“I really liked this – it was odd in an endearing way. The heroes were both heroic and flawed, strange enough to not give everything away and to have you liking members of the group, wanting to know what happens to them next. It feels both very familiar and completely different.” ―Claire Buss, Fantasy/SciFi Raven Award Winner

“Wonderful book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.” ―Amazon Review

“Creatures of the night, chivalry, a cool dog and lots of unanswered questions and drama… The kind of strange that makes you want to know more. I am anxious to read the next book.” ―Hidden Gems Review

“This was one of the most enjoyable fairytale style novels I have read in a long time. I truly enjoyed it… I cannot wait for the next book in this adventure.” ―NetGalley Review

“These epic novels are as close to tales of old and a narrative poem as one could get, and in a great way. Highly recommend.” ―Booksprout Review


The Books


What would you do if the darkness came for you? Step into a world of myth and magic with the spellbinding Tale of Tales series. This epic fantasy saga based on ancient myths, legends, and forgotten fairytales, will take you to a thrilling realm of adventure and mystery.

Somewhere in dark ages of our past… Join Senka, an ill-fated child who survives an unexplainable devastating attack only to be pursued by unnatural forces. She finds herself on a perilous quest alongside a group of mysterious strangers, brought together through chance encounters and unforeseen alliances. Chosen by the gods or beguiled into believing it by the far-seeing daughter of a witch, the companionship unravel the secrets of a fateful prophecy and faces the deadly shadows rising from the depths of time.

Experience the thrill of swords and sorcery, witness mythical creatures come to life, and wander with unsung heroes in this unique story that will keep you turning the pages. Written with adult audience in mind, Tale of Tales is suitable for all ages in the tradition of the greatest narrated epics and classic fantasy books, and will ignite the imagination of any avid fantasy reader.


The Author

Nikola Stefan. A fantasy writer and a seeker.

He has been honing his crafts for many years, across decades.

While having a PhD in Intellectual Capital, it is writing that is his true passion, calling, and life. His safehouse from the supernatural is science.

A wanderer of the world, he seeks mythical knowledge in its boundless forms. His strange heritage demands that he always do so. (You can learn about this dark heritage in a story that you receive, along with future Kickstarter benefits, when you join the Newsletter, so: ➡ Subscribe ⬅)

With a packed suitcase always by his bed, he remains ever ready for the next unforeseen adventure.

As a writer and craftsman, he is devoted to fulfilling his legacy with the Tale of Tales series.


The Publisher

Vitor Publishing. Founded by fantasy lovers, for fantasy lovers.

We are the agency representing Nikola Stefan and his works, and we are expanding into publishing to ensure that his writings are brought to the public in the most authentic way.

As our slogan says: Books for all time – simply epic high fantasy.

These will be our first published books!

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Beta readers

Viktor S.Actor

I know it is only the beginning of a series, but I really liked this novel. Riddles, mysteries, fights and surprising twists are intertwined in it. And I absolutely loved the mythology seamlessly embroidered in it.

Zeljka M.Harpist / Teacher

Tale of Tales is maybe intended for adults, but it is not only for adults. Reading it, I felt like a child, in a mysterious world like the movie Labyrinth with David Bowie. In short – I love it! I believe that middle graders, or at least young adults, will love it too.

Nestor S.Designer / Freelancer

The first novel in the Tale of Tales series is a very beautiful book, both visually and in terms of content. As I read it, I remembered my grandmother telling me fairy tales that no one was able to surpass. My grandmother is long gone, all that is left is the memory of her and the wonderful evenings by the stove and beautiful folk tales. And here, Nikola Stefan gifted me one such tale, after what seems like a thousand years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Tale of Tales book progress


Book I: A Strange Bunch

Book II: The Witch-borne Quests

Book III: Familiars and Foes


Book I: A Strange Bunch

Book II: The Witch-borne Quests

Book III: Familiars and Foes


Book I: A Strange Bunch

Book II: The Witch-borne Quests

Book III: Familiars and Foes


Book I: A Strange Bunch

Book II: The Witch-borne Quests

Book III: Familiars and Foes



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