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Start reading today to set forth on an amazing adventure through dark forest with unsung heroes who may light your way! 👉 Books One and Two are available NOW, while books Three (also available instantly as pre-release eBook) and Four are up to 66% off for preorders. Each eBook preorder include pre-release (site exclusive week-ahead)! Reward yourself with a full treat here or try a novella-size bite (30% content) and an exclusive story at:…. Read More

Introducing: Night Mode and Patreon Content

We are happy to introduce two new features to the site: night mode and Patreon integration. Both are available immediately at the links below. Night mode is another step towards a perfect reading experience on this website. If you read at night or in low-light, or have visual impairment, migranes, or simply enjoy a dark user interface, this is probably the thing you want to turn on with the button in the lower right corner…. Read More

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Soon on Kickstarter!

It is decided – we are coming to Kickstarter in an effort to release the audiobook and deluxe hardcover editions of the THREE BOOKS, along with planned e-book and paperback editions! Get ready: (Subscribe to get notified first and secure yourself exclusive early benefits. Or buy direct now.) UPDATE: The Kickstarter pre-launch page is live! (Let Kickstarter notify you on launch.)

Apply for ARC!

What is ARC? An Advance Review Copy, or advance reader copy, is a complete book sent to potential reviewers before publication. The book is being given away for free to an exclusive group of interested readers in the hope that their honest reviews will generate even further interest in the book ahead of its release (or even after publication – read how below). If you are reading this real-time post (always up-to-date despite just the… Read More