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Greetings, kindred spirits. Here you can read chapters of my books for free as I compose them, along with some special announcements. If the interest arises, I will set up my Patreon so you can read in advance, as I am quite ahead of the release schedule with the episodes. (October Update: The Club is now live here!) Of course, all chapters will eventually be released to non-members as well. You will be able to… Read More

The Upcoming Darkness

I have been invited to check up the website, and I love it! Nearly all my wishes are fulfilled. It means that we are starting soon. Perhaps already next month? I have quite a few chapters set down, and the timing is right. I can feel it. Or is it that I sense that the time is dire? For the black horseman is drawing near – we should be ready when he arrives. Ah yes,… Read More

Live long and prosper

A day like any other. But on this day we are awakening something that was carefully planted a long ago, and grown for many years. Starting the site is but the first step of a new adventure. May our journey be long and prosperous!