We are happy to introduce two new features to the site: night mode and Patreon integration. Both are available immediately at the links below.

Night mode is another step towards a perfect reading experience on this website. If you read at night or in low-light, or have visual impairment, migranes, or simply enjoy a dark user interface, this is probably the thing you want to turn on with the button in the lower right corner. Once enabled, it will work across the entire site.

Night mode will also improve the core Patreon experience. On the Patreon site you can find some exclusive content published by author Nikola Stefan. However, the experience there does not include a choice of reading mode. So we decided for an unusual approach: to directly integrate episodes on this website with Patreon. This way, Club members will be able to get early access to episodes (to read up to six in advance, depending on Patreon tier), while also being able to enjoy the seamless reading experience we are constantly building, flawless notifications of new content, and easy links to all episodes (which is hard to achieve with the limited Patreon tools).

We hope you enjoy these new features!

NOTE: Read ahead on this site (up to 6 episodes to the end of Book One) with exclusive Patreon Club membership tiers, or buy direct now.