Greetings, kindred spirits. Here you can read chapters of my books for free as I compose them, along with some special announcements.

If the interest arises, I will set up my Patreon so you can read in advance, as I am quite ahead of the release schedule with the episodes. (October Update: The Club is now live here!) After a new chapter is posted, one will be released to non-members as well.

You will be able to read for free when I post or empower my admin to do so. This announcement will stay sticky for all to see: you can now check the latest bits and pieces (chapters/episodes) and/or preview of the series which shall be gradually unveiled during two and a half years (2022-2024). Also check the front page with the upcoming books. And watch the teaser video for the series, as it is foreseen thus far (seven books are planned in total), or learn more about me.

If you want to start reading from the beginning, since April 22, 2022 ⟹ EPISODE 1 is here.

There is also this beautifully animated cover of the first book (coming out around summer 2022):

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Safe paths, seekers!

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