Tale of Tales, Books 1-3, Paperback (Signed)

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Tale of Tales fantasy book series (books 1-3).* For more info, see Part I: A Strange Bunch.

*Exclusive signed Paperback Bundle available only here, direct from the author.

Tale of Tales is an epic fantasy saga based on myths, legends, and folk fairytales which have enthralled generations worldwide.

To lose everything, and remain apart, darkness always round her, darkness in her heart!
To wander the world, without peace or cheer, shadow ever pursuing, and escape nowhere!

Deep in the forgotten past, a dark force awakens… The sole survivor of a mysterious devastating attack is hounded by an unnatural pack with a black horseman at the helm. She finds herself on a perilous quest alongside a group of enigmatic misfits, brought together through chance encounters and unforeseen alliances. Chosen by the gods or beguiled into believing so by the far-seeing daughter of a witch, the companionship seeks to unravel the secrets of a fateful prophecy.

Experience the thrill of swords and sorcery in wandering a medieval world of mythical creatures, dark forests, and lost cities with these unsung heroes – in a race for their very lives, as they battle deadly shadows rising from the depths of time!

“Odd in an endearing way, both very familiar and completely different.”—Claire Buss, winner of the Raven Award for Favorite Fantasy/SciFi novel.

A unique new voice in the tradition of the greatest narrated epics and classic fantasy books, the Tale of Tales is a truly remarkable fresh series of novels that will ignite the imagination of any avid fantasy reader.

Ready to set forth on a captivating heroic journey? Don’t miss out on Nikola Stefan’s epic fantasy series, with A Strange Bunch as the beginning of your great adventure… into a dark past that just might have been.

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👉 Tracked shipping worldwide at modest prices, delivery time about 1 week.

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