Tale of Tales – Part IV – Heroes Whereabouts

Book Cover: Tale of Tales – Part IV – Heroes Whereabouts
ISBN: to be assigned soon
ISBN: to be assigned soon

* Tale of Tales is a high/epic fantasy saga based on the motifs of ancient myths, legends, and forgotten fairytales * Buy direct πŸ‘‡

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The exciting fourth novel of the epic high fantasy saga grounded in enchanting folk tales and mythology. If you like chilling suspense and thrilling twists, don’t miss the alluring Tale of TalesΒ epic fantasy series!

The strange companionship is divided. War is looming ever closer. Outlandish powers grow. But magic… magic never sleeps.

A tale of folk fairytales and myths, of swords and sorcery and mythical beings – a unique story of dark times and unsung heroes who may light your way.

Part Four, Heroes Whereabout, is the fourth book of Nikola Stefan’s Tale of Tales, an epic fantasy adventure saga based on the motifs of ancient myths, legends, and forgotten fairy tales. Written with adult audience in mind, it is suitable for all ages in the tradition of the greatest narrated epics and classic fantasy books, and will ignite the imagination of any avid fantasy reader.

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"As a child, I heard many ancient tales about him, although I cannot remember any of them now. I remember only the fear. For, you know, Baő-Čelik is the name that even witches use to scare their children."

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