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Episode 24: The Snake King

This entry is episode 24 of 30 in the series Tale of Tales

  The Snake King     Before the others noticed her disappearance, Senka was already far away. When the sudden, supernatural light had emanated from Mara’s staff, penetrating even the darkness of her unseeing eyes and causing her to blink in reaction, she had simultaneously heard that strange lisping voice, as if it were whispering directly into her ear, urging her up: “Now… essscape… now… essscape…” And Senka immediately followed the voice’s urging without a… Read More

Episode 23: Eyes in the Dark

This entry is episode 23 of 30 in the series Tale of Tales

  Eyes in the Dark     Marena, seemingly dismissed by the men from the onset, had been holding back beside the tree together with Senka as the battle ensued and intensified. Now though, determining that the moment had arrived for her to act, she stepped forward, leaving a safer place under the sheltering boughs, and raised her strange staff high into the air. Chanting out a series of cryptic verses of her own, not… Read More

Episode 22: Chanting into the Night

This entry is episode 22 of 30 in the series Tale of Tales

  Chanting into the Night     The conversation which had started in whispers was slowly but surely turning into a loud argument, with the men of Morlak now almost chanting rather than talking. “Remember, Vuk, who you are, we beg of you!” “I do not know, men, what you are talking about…” “Remember, Vuk! If you are the one, you must remember!” “What?! I do not understand you!” “Remember, lame wolf, your true self!… Read More

Episode 21: Weapons of War

This entry is episode 21 of 30 in the series Tale of Tales

  Weapons of War     The burly warrior grunted his serious dissatisfaction over the weapons they had at their disposal: Vuk had absolutely nothing – the villagers who had wanted to take off his hand had never given him back his knife; Vukan also had nothing, while Brado had a small knife about his belt, more suitable for cutting forest plants than heads; Miloš had only his hunting knife and his hefty shepherd’s crook;… Read More

Soon on Kickstarter!

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Episode 20: A Nightmare on the Move

This entry is episode 20 of 30 in the series Tale of Tales

  A Nightmare on the Move     Before midnight, they were awoken by Vuk. By the moon’s position, it was clear that the dead of night was not far off. First Miloš, then Senka, then Brado and Vukan were shaken from their sleep. When Vuk got to Marena, he hesitated a moment, but then she awoke just as he leaned over her. In moments, all of them were already up on their feet, except… Read More

Episode 19: Mara, Daughter of a Witch

This entry is episode 19 of 30 in the series Tale of Tales

  Mara, Daughter of a Witch     Vuk did not feel right with this mysterious girl walking just behind his back. She did not inspire his trust, and if he had been the one to decide, she never would have joined them. But no one had asked him – the decision belonged to Žarko and Miloš. As for Senka, she was not sure what she felt. On the one hand, she was somewhat cheered… Read More

Episode 18: Encounter Four

This entry is episode 18 of 30 in the series Tale of Tales

  Encounter Four     And this awkward column was proceeding just so when it came across the maiden. There she was, sitting on a slight rise in the ground, right in the middle of the imaginary path they intended to follow. As if she was waiting for them. They saw her from afar, and she had seen them too, yet she still did not move in the slightest, nor show any worry or surprise…. Read More

Episode 17: The Way of the Chieftain

This entry is episode 17 of 30 in the series Tale of Tales

  The Way of the Chieftain     Miloš and Žarko, nearly step for step, went together at the front of their column. Miloš led, and Žarko again retold their story, this time speaking the true version of the past days’ happenings. He skipped over only the part about Morlak, even though Vuk, who could follow their conversation from the horse, was sure that even this would be told, as soon as the two Morlak… Read More

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