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Episode 5: Encounter One

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  Encounter One     “Damn horse! This one will not hold out much longer, tomorrow I will have to stop off at some village and get a new one…” The hefty horseman had not said this very clearly however, as he was not particularly inclined to conversation. Everything that came out of his mouth sounded more or less like “Haaa!” interspersed with slappings on the horse’s rump in an attempt to get the animal… Read More

Episode 4: A Shadow in the Dark

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  A Shadow in the Dark     If the previous events remained only a series of disrupted images for Senka, then the following moments remained an echo of vague noises utterly drowned in a dark sea of unspeakable horror. How could one describe what was happening in the soul of a twelve-year-old girl who was suddenly without her family, without her home, and without sight? For Senka was suddenly blind! The girl did not… Read More

Episode 3: The Flames of Change

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  The Flames of Change     The scurry through the woods, that followed immediately, Senka would remember as only a blur of incomplete images; several scratches from thorns and branches, a slight tear in the sleeve of her white shirt, her scarf snared by a low stick that dragged it off her head, leaving it hanging from the knotted braid underneath her disheveled hair as she ran on in a panic. Her dog racing… Read More

Episode 2: Senka and Vidra

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Part I   • A Strange Bunch •     Senka and Vidra   Senka was happy. It is not hard to be happy when you know so little. She could not know, as no one else could have, that her name was born out of a strange misunderstanding in the thick of a tragedy, but had firmly gripped her father’s story that her name was the last wish of her departed mother, the most… Read More

Episode 1: The Third Night (Prophecy)

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  To nameless bards and storytellers whose words have been my guideposts.   No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach the darkest depths. C. G. Jung, “Aion”     Opening Notes   There are many mythical beings in this book that are unknown in English and most other languages. It was a great endeavor to make them all conceivable. A good example is dragon, as there are three types:… Read More