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Episode 18: Encounter Four

This entry is episode 18 of 30 in the series Tale of Tales

  Encounter Four     And this awkward column was proceeding just so when it came across the maiden. There she was, sitting on a slight rise in the ground, right in the middle of the imaginary path they intended to follow. As if she was waiting for them. They saw her from afar, and she had seen them too, yet she still did not move in the slightest, nor show any worry or surprise…. Read More

Episode 17: The Way of the Chieftain

This entry is episode 17 of 30 in the series Tale of Tales

  The Way of the Chieftain     Miloš and Žarko, nearly step for step, went together at the front of their column. Miloš led, and Žarko again retold their story, this time speaking the true version of the past days’ happenings. He skipped over only the part about Morlak, even though Vuk, who could follow their conversation from the horse, was sure that even this would be told, as soon as the two Morlak… Read More

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Episode 16: Encounter Three

This entry is episode 16 of 30 in the series Tale of Tales

  Encounter Three     “Ahoy, herdsmen! May god grant you health!” shouted Žarko, loudly, but trying to refrain from being too loud, for he knew all the while that at any moment the scouting flying horde could be near. The noise around the fire died instantly and several of the men stood up and turned about to face them, while the rest remained sitting as they were by the fire, caught by surprise, cautiously… Read More

Episode 15: The Hunt Continues

This entry is episode 15 of 30 in the series Tale of Tales

  The Hunt Continues     The party left Morlak with two new companions: the bearded innkeeper, who revealed that his name was Brado, and another man from the village, Vukan, who was somewhat shorter and slimmer than the other villagers, but who had journeyed most often to the shepherds. He said this as if it was worthy of praise. Their guides remained barefoot even on this trek; without making a sound, they pressed gently… Read More

Episode 14: Feast

This entry is episode 14 of 30 in the series Tale of Tales

  Feast     They were sitting in the central cabin, which Vuk perceived as some kind of unusual tavern. Everybody was seated on low, rough-hewn tree trunks, surrounding a large, round, wooden table, the only one in the whole large-roomed hut: Žarko, Senka and Vuk, along with another ten or so men. There were apparently no women in the village, or at least at the table. And the men were all hardened and strong,… Read More

Episode 13: Morlak

This entry is episode 13 of 30 in the series Tale of Tales

  Morlak     Only now did Senka begin to fathom what the “dead of night” truly meant. Midnight had arrived, and they all felt it. As if everything in the forest had fallen asleep or died: the breeze trailed off, the occasional night cries of birds ceased, even the owls stopped hooting, and even the stream’s steady whisper seemed to hush, so that their wading through water suddenly sounded loud and heavy, as the… Read More

Episode 12: Night Hunt

This entry is episode 12 of 30 in the series Tale of Tales

  Night Hunt     “You say, lass, that you know not why some are after you?” The question was asked in a clearly doubting tone – and even someone as young as Senka, unsophisticated in conversation, could make out the clear disbelief expressed in this short sentence. They were now scrambling through the woods, as quickly as was possible. After coming together once again, Žarko told them that they must stray off the path…. Read More

Episode 11: Infernal Pack (part 2)

This entry is episode 11 of 30 in the series Tale of Tales

  The horseman and the winged cloud above halted just a few horselengths away from Žarko; he thought he could reach him with a few quick, deliberate jumps, if only his fool horse would obey him. Now the two riders surveyed one another, cautiously and inquisitively. Žarko knew full well the kind of impression he made on people when he scowled; he imagined that those people felt quite similar to how he was feeling at… Read More

Episode 10: Infernal Pack

This entry is episode 10 of 30 in the series Tale of Tales

  Infernal Pack     The small group which had headed out from the village and upon their journey in the late afternoon, as the sun began to drop, travelled on for as long as Žarko could make out the path in front of them. After a peaceful night, another calm day of travelling followed, with a long afternoon break. Senka had the impression that Žarko had no particular goal in mind, but neither she,… Read More